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Citron is a brand design studio led by Jennifer James Wright out of Austin, Texas. Founded upon the simple notion that design is best used for good, we collaboratively work with clients to bring forth positive change. Whether it’s giving visual voice to cannabis activists through editorial design, creating coffee packaging to have a smaller environmental footprint, or simply using our craft in support of fellow artists, design is undoubtably a powerful tool to make small differences around us.

Wright brings over a decade of experience in the creative industry with a background spanning traditional advertising with Wieden+Kennedy to publishing with Kinfolk to brand design with FÖDA. It’s through this diverse, design-forward history and a rich network of fellow creatives to draw from that Citron creates meaningful, imaginative work on behalf of clients.

Words from Others

“Working with Citron is an absolute delight. Jennifer’s creativity is endless, matched with tremendous attention to detail and professionalism. Her work is sensitive, playful and fresh; our design journeys from ideation to final results are always seamless and satisfying.”

Anja Charbonneau
Editor in Chief & Creative Director, Broccoli

“The team at Citron is a rare alchemy of vision, creation and care. They really found and honed in on our authentic voice, leaning into what defines us. Our brand is not an easy task, but Citron were thorough, diligent, and summoned an impossible amount of patience for the process. They delivered with candidness, grace, and a refreshing sense of play. To say we’re grateful for Jennifer and Alice’s work doesn’t really say it, because they are absolutely integral, part and parcel, from concept to design, the dreamers and actualizers of the rebrand.”

Taylor Cowan
Co-Founder, Spirit Tea

“Jennifer took on one of the most personal and daunting tasks of fully rebranding Voilà and turned it into a therapeutic and life-giving process. She confidently and empathically guided us towards a visual identity that has since been widely recognized and feels so true and honest to who we are as a brand. She is a creative powerhouse that I could trust on any project, and I can’t wait to work with her on many more in the future.”

Kent Sheridan
Founder, Voilà Coffee


Art Direction
Brand Strategy
Content Creation
Editorial Design
Identity Design
Interactive and Website Design
Packaging Design
Project Management
Production Oversight

Past Clients

Alexandra Valenti
Broccoli Magazine
Believe Records
Carissa Gallo
Clayton Korte
Half Court Studio
Mr. Larkin
Peoples Rx
Pratima Skincare
Spirit Tea
Spiritual Objects
Voilà Coffee

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Agency work:

Art Institute of Chicago
Baubo Studio
Enjoy the Weather
Kamp Grizzly
The Smithsonian
Wieden + Kennedy

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As a studio deeply committed to sustainability, Citron concepted, built, and launched A Better Source, a free and public directory of environmentally conscious resources for planet-loving designers and businesses. The project launched in November 2019 and continues to help businesses around the world create more responsibly under Citron’s leadership. 

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Broccoli is the international magazine for cannabis lovers. Created by women who love weed, Broccoli presents a new perspective on cannabis culture. The triannual publication has been recognized by The New York Times, Vogue, MoMA, and others.

As part of Broccoli’s editorial team, Citron oversees the editorial and brand design needs for the publication and its special projects.

→ Learn more at and @broccoli_mag


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Current lead-time for new projects is 6-8 weeks.

Portfolio photography by Sarah Natsumi Moore and Ben Sellon. Serra and Baggu photography by Anja Charbonneau. Voilà Coffee photography by Dry Sky. Spirit Tea photography by Bruna Zanardo.

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